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    A life long student & teacher of Holistic Practices and Energy Medicine. Susan has been contracted with the US Olympic Ice Skating Team, taught reintegration to Veterans returning from war and is the official performance coach behind the scenes of TLC's reality show Girl Starter centered around young women Entrepreneurs.

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    Athlete Performance

    Olympic, Professional, Collegiate or any other athletes have benefitted from performance coaching. Strategies and practices to improve your performance will be immediate and you will have a measurable and remarkable result. Combining Energy Medicine and the best in coaching will allow for the best performance outcome.

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    Stress Reduction Workshop

    Learn creative tools and techniques to practice on your own for reducing and eliminating stress for optimal health. Participants will take a Total Life Stress Assessment, learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), become aware of the impact of focused breath, and experience Autogenic Training. Everything in this workshop can be duplicated for you, your clients/patients and staff.

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    Work Place Assessment

    With years of leadership experience Susan can help you with human performance enhancing remedies including Team Building, leadership development, personal assessments, organizing and setting priorities, and effective communication for the best and most successful outcomes.

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    Corporate Coaching

    Team building is another essential component in the success of your organization. This workshop will reduce stress levels in the workplace, raise morale and increase productivity. Susan served on the Military Spouse Career Committee as the liaison from one of the largest Military Installations in Colorado directly impacting employment and career issues for many.

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    Corporate Retreat

    The ultimate corporate retreat set in awesome venues by request or already scheduled. This opportunity can be a one day intensive at your facility or an extended stay depending on your availability. The focused agenda can be tailored to your needs and includes Leadership, Team Building, Setting Priorities, Group relaxation and one to one coaching sessions.

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    TV/Film Set Performance Coach

    Helping to maintain balance in the fast pace of set life, Susan takes her skill set of tools, techniques and strategies to enhance those involved behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

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    1 on 1 Sessions

    Get down to the bottom of what is holding you back! A coach can help launch you to the next level by helping you see your blind spots, giving objective feedback and keep you accountable. Susan can help you create a vision or renew the "why" of you life's purpose. Above all you can feel confident that Susan will help you identify and release blockages that are not contributing to your success.

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    Autogenic Training

    Autogenic training is a technique created to induce relaxation developed by a German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz. (1932) According to Schultz “it is a method for influencing one’s autonomic nervous system.” It has been compared to progressive relaxation and techniques used in yoga and meditation. Susan has studied with Dr. Norman Shealy, Neurosurgeon, who has found this to stabilize numerous diseases as well as reduce or eliminate anger, anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

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    The Resolution Experience

    Past Life Resolution is an eclectic coaching technique which encourages deep insights into patterns of behavior and emotional reactions resulting from pre-birth, birth, and post-birth events and memories. It provides a powerful tool for psychic integration. Past Life Resolution is one of the most effective coaching approaches; Susan has been trained under Dr. Morris Netherton.


    Performance Coach

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    Susan has a graduate degree in Energy Medicine/Transpersonal Psychology, and is a Integrative Health/Performance Coach for the US Olympic Ice Skating team, many other professional athletes, as well as Corporate executives across the US. She has an extensive Leadership background focusing on implementation and evaluation of programs related to quality of life and recreation for the Department of Defense and has developed her stress reduction techniques with the US Army after working with them for over 20 years. She has integrated her spiritual background into her Healing Yoga Classes and also incorporated stress reduction techniques that she practiced with returning Soldiers from the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Susan is a practicing Reiki Master and co-author of War Time Coping Strategies. Currently she is the Performance Coach for Girl Starter, a reality TV show about young female entrepreneurs on TLC.


    Linda Beal, Salt Lake City, Utah - CFO, Specialty Pumps

    "The Mindfulness training presented by Susan Davis at the Spring 2015 America Society on Aging Conference was amazing. We learned strategies for how to bring mindfulness into our workplace and everyday lives. At the end of the session we were so relaxed we just wanted to stay there!! In just a short time we learned techniques for calming our brain state and bringing us to a place of presence where we could focus and make better decisions. Susan taught simple techniques that anyone can understand for reducing stress in our lives and bringing more awareness into daily living."

    Janet Karnes, Executive Director - Suicide Prevention Partnership

    "Colorado Springs was fortunate enough to have Susan Davis provide a stress reduction workshop. Susan's positive approach and enthusiasm is always contagious. Her vast repertoire of modalities ensures that everyone has techniques they can use based on their personal preferences. Susan's workshop are always well attended and the feedback always positive."


    "We all find times when we feel STUCK. Well I came to a place where I was so stuck it felt like total inertia. I went to Susan Davis and asked her to help me get to the root of the problem. And she did this so well helping me to travel to the core of my being. Thank you Susan what a wonderful discovery you helped me find myself. I am now more of who I am moving to where ever I need to be. Namaste."


    "For the past two years I have endured great pain and expense for a sciatic nerve condition. I have spent over $6,000 dollars on specialists, x rays, an MRI, Physical Therapy and Chiropractors. During this time period, I also lived on pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Three weeks ago I had a regression session with Susan Davis and since then experienced 95% less pain."

    Terri Ann Naughton - LCSW, CACIII, BCD

    As a Military Spouse I could not be more pleased with the stress reduction workshop I experienced with Susan Davis. Having lived through emotional and mind numbing deployments of my Soldier/husband I discovered, or uncovered, an increased clarity and mindfulness that had been evasive in my life. With the help of Ms. Davis, I found a renewed sense of mental wellbeing with an increased ability to complete tasks, improve attention, and tend to personal and professional goals which had been overrun by the day to day symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression of having a spouse deployed, raising two children and attending a graduate program. Not only did my mental health improve with this workshop, I also felt healthier than I had in a very long time. Everyone can benefit from the stress reduction techniques learned in this workshop! As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, employed and working with Active Duty Soldiers, I applaud and embrace the mindfulness and grounding exercises taught by Ms. Davis. It is well known that mindfulness helps increase attention, improves working memory and problem solving, as well as decreases severity of pathology by increasing effective coping.


    I would recommend Ms. Davis to anyone looking to improve personal and professional health and performance.

    Ben H.

    "Susan has given me the confidence to believe that I can heal myself both physically and spiritually and she has given me the tools that I need to do it. This whole process has been very informative and gives me a renewed sense of hope."